Connecticut Online Poker

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Currently, the US has only four states that offer legal online poker options. Connecticut is one of them, but it doesn’t seem to be an especially competitive market for online poker operators.

The state’s population is around 3.5 million, and the poker market there is quite small. This means that it isn’t likely that CT will see any significant online poker operator take hold in the near future. However, there’s no reason to think that the state’s casinos will not look to share liquidity opportunities with other states.

While the Connecticut online gaming bill is currently pending, lawmakers in the state have been open to the idea of shared liquidity. This would mean that CT operators would be able to combine player pools from multiple states, which would likely increase the number of players playing on a given site. This would help resolve some of the traffic issues that have been plaguing the industry.

However, the CT gaming bill does not mention the benefits of shared liquidity. Instead, lawmakers may look to introduce amendments to the law to regulate shared liquidity.

If Connecticut ever does get online poker, it may be years before the game becomes competitive. Until then, it’s best to focus on the small-stakes games. Those who have been playing for several months and have a few winning cash sessions may want to consider moving up the stakes.

There are many different versions of poker, including Texas Hold’em, Omaha and 3 card poker. While these games differ slightly from each other, they do have a number of similarities. Usually, you’ll be dealing 3 cards face up and adding bets to the ante.