Illinois Lottery – Online Lottery Tickets

Unlike most traditional lotteries, which operate exclusively within a limited geographical area, online lotteries are open to players all over the globe. Not only is it convenient to purchase and play your lottery tickets online, it is also safe and secure. Moreover, a variety of different games are available.

Online lottery tickets are available in 45 states, including Washington DC and the US Virgin Islands. Depending on where you purchase your ticket, you may have to visit a claim center or cash it at a retail location.

The Illinois lottery became the first state to offer online lottery tickets for sale in March 2012. The site later expanded to include Daily Lottery Games and Powerball lottery tickets. The site also featured some of the newest lottery releases such as Prospector’s Jackpots.

Although the odds are lower than at a brick and mortar lottery store, it’s still possible to win big by participating in online lotteries. The top prizes vary by amount. Some lottery games cap out at less than $20. Purchasing more tickets increases your chances of winning.

The Illinois lottery website also introduced a variety of other features, such as an instant games section, a daily lottery game section and a Powerball section. Some of the site’s features were designed to be mobile-friendly, which is another advantage of playing online.

Most online lotteries offer players a range of different games. Some of the top prizes are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Other lottery games can be purchased for as little as a penny.